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Installing Activity Manager Plasmoid on Kubuntu Maverick

Activity manager plasmoid

Recently I started using Plasma activities, and I found it very useful and effective in my workflow. The only thing I missed in Plasma Desktop 4.6 is a fast and simple way to switch between activities and manage it.

Then I found a little plasmoid which can be put in the systray and does exactly what I need: the Activity Manager Plasmoid. It seems that it will be packaged in Kubuntu Natty, but I couldn’t find a package for Maverick.

Fortunately installing from source is very straightforward:

Install build dependencies

$ sudo apt-get build-dep plasma-widgets-addons

Download the source package Extract it somewhere:

$ tar xjf 136278-activitymanager-0.5.tar.bz2

Go in the source directory:

$ cd activitymanager-0.5

Configure with CMake:



$ make


$ sudo make install

Regenerate cache

$ kbuildsycoca4

Voilà, your shiny Activity Manager is now ready to be added to the system tray or your panel like any other Plasmoid.


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