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How to accept Paypal payments on your Django application

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to integrate Django and Paypal to accept payments in your Django web application.

Paypal is a popular solution for online payments. Even if nowadays there are many valid alternatives, Paypal is still a big player in the market with a solid reputation and it’s trusted by millions of users.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to integrate the django-paypal third party app on your website.

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Django on a production server

Is your Django project ready for production? Follow these guides to bring your Django project on a production server! There are many good tutorials out there for learning Django and developing projects locally. But I think that simple tutorials for…

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Django – NGINX: deploy your Django project on a production server

DjangoNGINX is a popular and well tested combination used to deploy web applications in production. In this post I will explain the steps needed to have your Django project deployed on a production server using Ubuntu 18.04.

If you are looking for a cheap and powerful cloud provider to host your project I highly suggest DigitalOcean. It is very flexible and powerful, the price is very good for what they offer and you’ll get no surprises on your billing at the end of the month! Join by using this link and you’ll get a 100$ free credit to use in 60 days.

To have DjangoNGINX deployed on your production server follow these simple steps.

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