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A Django custom command to write model fields on an Excel file

Suppose you need to write down your model fields on an Excel file, for example to complement the documentation of your code. Django has built in functions to introspect models and fields of an app, and you can leverage this API to have the information you need. You can use …

A simple Python email gateway

Say you have a Django web application that you want to integrate with emails to make it possibile to send data and files to your web application over SMTP. The good news is that Python has a simple SMTP daemon in the standard library, together with modules to parse emails …

  • Wed 18 May 2016
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How to migrate your existing Django project to Heroku

Recently I had some fun with Heroku, the well known PaaS provider. I had a small personal Django project I use for invoicing that I ran locally with ./manage.py runserver when needed. That was a perfect candidate for the Heroku free plan because I need to access the app …

Why I love Python – Expressiveness

Here is one of those little things that make me love Python: d = {'a': (1,2), 'b': (3,4)} for k, (a, b) in d.items(): print k, a, b Prints: a 1 2 b 3 4 How cool is that? 😉