Any+Time: a great JQuery based date and time picker

Wed 22 June 2011

Just found a JQuery based datetime picker.  It’s great. Just add a Javascript like this:

var format = "%d/%m/%Z %H:%i";
var picker_options = {
    format: format,
    firstDOW: 1,
    dayAbbreviations: ["dom", "lun", "mar", "mer", "gio", "ven", "sab"],
    monthAbbreviations: ["gen", "feb", "mar", "apr", "mag", "giu", "lug", "ago", "set", "ott", "nov", "dic"],
    labelDayOfMonth: "giorno",
    labelHour: "ora",
    labelMinute: "minuto",
    labelMonth: "mese",
    labelYear: "anno",
    labelTitle: "Seleziona data e ora"
$('#from').AnyTime_picker( picker_options );

And a markup like this:

<input id="from" type="text" name="from">

And you’ll get a nice date and time picker for the “from” field, like this:

An Any+Time picker example
An Any+Time picker example