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  • Wed 18 May 2016
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How to migrate your existing Django project to Heroku

Recently I had some fun with Heroku, the well known PaaS provider. I had a small personal Django project I use for invoicing that I ran locally with ./manage.py runserver when needed. That was a perfect candidate for the Heroku free plan because I need to access the app …

  • Wed 10 September 2014
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How to add a group choice combo box in a Django user profile form

Assume that you have a Django project where each user belongs to just one group, say Registered or Admin, but not both. You want to show a form in your front-end to let Admin users edit the user profiles, where each user profile is made with First name, Last name …

  • Mon 31 March 2014
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How to protect your Joomla instance from brute force attacks with Fail2ban

If you administer at least one Joomla instance you’ll be subject to brute force attacks before or after. Fail2ban is a very nice service written in Python which periodically scans your log files looking for signs of brute force attacks and perform some actions when an attack is discovered …

  • Wed 22 June 2011
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Any+Time: a great JQuery based date and time picker

Just found a JQuery based datetime picker. It’s great. Just add a Javascript like this: var format = "%d/%m/%Z %H:%i"; var picker_options = { format: format, firstDOW: 1, dayAbbreviations: ["dom", "lun", "mar", "mer", "gio", "ven", "sab"], monthAbbreviations: ["gen", "feb", "mar", "apr", "mag", "giu", "lug", "ago", "set", "ott", "nov …