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Bitbucket Pipelines and Ansible: Continuous delivery for your Django project

Achieve a powerful yet simple continuous delivery setup for your Django project, using free tools like Bitbucket Pipelines and Ansible.

How to log raw XML requests and responses in Suds

Suppose you are using Suds and you want to log every raw XML request and response to a SOAP service. This can be useful to debug an integration with a SOAP web service.

  • Mon 09 December 2019
  • web

Automate your Telegram channel with a Django Telegram Bot

In this post I will guide you in a very interesting and funny development task: automate your Telegram channel with a Django Telegram Bot.

  • Thu 21 November 2019
  • web

Django asynchronous tasks without Celery

Do you want to perform a long running task in your Django web app without using Celery? Follow this simple guide to implement Django asynchronous tasks.

  • Wed 13 November 2019
  • web

Django NGINX: deploy your Django project on a production server

Deploy your Django project on NGINX web server following few simple steps. Going to development to production has never been easier!

  • Thu 26 September 2019
  • web

The site is experiencing technical difficulties in WordPress. Now what?

You are facing the error message "The site is experiencing technical difficulties" on your Wordpress site. What you should do to fix it?

How to move docker data directory to another location on Ubuntu

Move Docker data directory in 5 minutes following this simple step by step guide.

Backup and restore apt packages on Debian-Ubuntu

Suppose you want to install all the apt packages already installed on one server to another one. On the source machine execute the following commands to make a list of installed packages and their “states” (installed manually or automatically): sudo dpkg --get-selections > pkgs_selection.lst sudo apt-mark showauto > …

A Django custom command to write model fields on an Excel file

Suppose you need to write down your model fields on an Excel file, for example to complement the documentation of your code. Django has built in functions to introspect models and fields of an app, and you can leverage this API to have the information you need. You can use …

A simple Python email gateway

Say you have a Django web application that you want to integrate with emails to make it possibile to send data and files to your web application over SMTP. The good news is that Python has a simple SMTP daemon in the standard library, together with modules to parse emails …